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How building and nurturing the marital friendship can strengthen a marriage. Friendship in marriage is known to create emotional and physical intimacy. How to create quality friendship with your partner and live as love birds again.

If You are going to get married get married to a friend. If you are not the best of friends please start working on it NOW. Your marriage won't last without.

How to spice up your sex life and grow more intimately with your partner.
Great sex does not just happen by accident. Great sexual intimacy is an intentional process.

Did you know you can have sex and not be intimate? You can also be intimate, and it is not sexual. However, when you show interest and take time to learn how to do both in your marriage, it will take your sexual intimacy to another level.

We will teach you in this free course how to do both.

Why Couples should still date even after years of marriage.

You should pursue your spouse with more passion and enthusiasm after marriage than when you were dating. No one in the world should be more important than the person you marry.

The best way to keep learning and showing interest in each other is to spend quality time together. Dating will help you to do that. We will teach you how.

Here's your chance to get informed, put things back in place, and enjoy having a happy marriage again.

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